New Philanthropy Capital

Measuring our impact

Think Global have commissioned New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) to help us think about how we will measure our impact and effectiveness over the coming years. NPC is a charity that works to support a wide range of organisations to be as effective as possible, including issues related to monitoring and evaluation.

The first part of NPC’s work with Think Global will be to help us think about our objectives and how we will achieve them; a process NPC refers to as theory of change. In particular we will be focusing on the best ways for us to promote global learning and develop good practice, as well as how we can best support our members and other partners who share the same aims.

We also want to be able to measure our performance more effectively. So the second part of NPC’s work will be to help us think about the approaches we use to get feedback on our work and measure the difference we are making. Ultimately this will give us better data, so we can raise the profile of global learning amongst funders and educators, as well help us to learn what we do well and where we can improve.

If you have any thoughts about what kind of data or research Think Global should be focusing on, or are interested in the results of this work, then please do get in touch. We are aiming to complete the project with NPC by the end of February.

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