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Make a pledge to help make our world more just and sustainable through our DoNation campaign page. Pick a pledge or two such as ‘Fair Enough’, ‘Lights Out’ or ‘Well Oiled’ and commit yourself to it. Help us reach our target of 300 pledges!

As a partner on the Supply Cha!nge project, Think Global helped to raise awareness across Europe about the issue of ethical supply chains. We want you as a consumer to take informed actions to ensure your consumption contributes to making our world more just and sustainable. You can commit to choose products that are ethically sourced, manufactured and distributed. In short, this means fair wages, zero land grabbing, safe work conditions and environmentally sustainable practices.

On our DoNation campaign page you can pick your pledge (or even a few pledges) from a wide range of Do Actions. Every pledge helps highlight the importance of ethical and sustainable consumption. And remember – your small actions will have a greater impact on the way you consume, inevitably making the world a far better place!

Watch the film produced by our 2017 UCL Active Citizens to highlight the impact our consumer choices can have on others across the world.