Our network

Think Global is at the hub of a broad community of people and organisations involved in global learning at local, national and international level. The UK’s global learning community equips people with the knowledge and skills they need to make better decisions for a more just and sustainable world. If you are engaged in promoting and delivering global learning, we invite you to join us. Find out about the benefits of Think Global membership here.

Please read more about our partner organisations and get in touch if you’d like to add your organisation to our network:

Our Local Partners

Think Global works across England with a network of locally-based, dynamic and innovative centres of global learning. These independent, not-for-profit organisations support and deliver global learning in schools and communities. They promote and support best practice in global learning through CPD training, whole-school initiatives, advice and access to resources, working with schools, teachers, local authorities, youth and community groups, universities, volunteers, and adult learners.

Our National and International partners

Think Global works closely with a wide range of national organisations with a focus on education, international development, environmental and other issues.

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