Who We Are

Think Global is an education charity helping people to understand – and then take action on – global issues.  We stand for a more just and sustainable world.  We believe that the more people understand global issues – such as food security, sustainability, epidemics – the more likely they are to take better decisions in their personal and professional lives.  People have the ingenuity and the humanity to solve the world’s problems, if they have the knowledge and understanding too.

Our vision is for all citizens to understand the global challenges we face and develop the capabilities to create a more just and sustainable world. We do not seek to provide people with ‘the right answers’ as global issues are complex – we believe people need to come to their own conclusions on these important issues.

We work to equip people with the knowledge and skills they need to make better decisions for a just and sustainable world. We support them to learn more about the challenges we all face.  Better understanding leads to better decisions. We call the development of this deeper understanding, the acquisition of ‘global capabilities’, of which there are three:

  • Global understanding: acquiring knowledge about the world.
  • Global open-mindedness: developing insight into global relationships.
  • Global resourcefulness: the ability to think critically and to imagine alternative futures.

Our work covers three main areas:

  • training
  • resources, and
  • research and advocacy.

We have particular expertise in core areas of global learning practice, including digital training delivery (see our training & resources page for details about our popular e-learning course), outcomes analysis and evaluation, and resource creation and curation.

Many of our team are trained teachers; we have qualified project managers and experienced learning strategists. We believe that, in the long run, it is the development of these capabilities that will play the biggest role in creating a just and sustainable world.