Our team

Below are details of Think Global’s staff and volunteer team. Any vacancies are advertised on our vacancies page. The charity’s overall strategic direction is set by our Board of Trustees, with support from an Advisory Council.

Jess McQuail

Jess McQuail, Chief Executive

Jess took up the post of CEO in January 2017 and is responsible for the organisation’s overall leadership and management. With over 25 years’ experience in the UK and international not-for-profit sector, she is passionate about working for a more just and sustainable world. Jess has a Masters in Social Work and post graduate qualification in leadership and management.

“I am proud to be part of Think Global, and a community of people that are committed to learning about, and acting on global challenges. I believe our vital work is needed now more than ever.”

Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams, Head of Programmes

Sarah is responsible for Think Global’s programme delivery, in particular Think Global’s role in the consortium which runs the Global Learning Programme. Before joining Think Global in 2009 Sarah worked at Toynbee Hall setting up Active Citizenship projects, prior to that she led the youth network and educational outreach programmes at STAR (Student Action for Refugees). She has a BA in American History and an MA in Applied Anthropology and Youth and Community work at Goldsmiths, London.

“Education can enable us transform ourselves and the world around us. I believe that learning about global issues can focus our attention on social injustice and unlock our potential for taking informed action. We are all capable of making small and big changes to make our world a better place for everyone.”


image of Monika Kruesmann

Monika Kruesmann, Head of Programmes

Monika is Head of Programmes at Think Global. Before joining Think Global in 2013 she previously worked for almost ten years in policy and programme positions with the Commonwealth Government of Australia, including five years in school education policy. She is also a qualified teacher, and has taught modern foreign languages in secondary schools, and international economic relations at university level. Monika has worked and studied in Asia, Africa, the Pacific and Europe, and has a Masters degree in International Relations from the Australian National University, as well as a PhD in International Relations from the London School of Economics. Her specialist interests are international CSR, global normative change, and international development.

“The world is an amazing place. It’s exciting, varied and often beautiful; but it’s also complex and sometimes hard. Global learning is a way to work through those complexities and problems thoughtfully, and to think critically about how we can act to see more of the good things and less hardship, for everyone.”


Kate Jones, Programme Manager

Kate joined Think Global as a Programme Manager in February 2017. Kate is a Geographer by trade, but started out as a Modern Languages teacher in London, then the Bahamas. She worked in local government and on community projects, before moving on to leading education programmes at several international charities, including Comic Relief, ActionAid, Greenpeace and Fairtrade. Kate also works with private and non-profits to help them engage with teachers, young people and the education sector in the UK and around the world. She holds degrees from Birmingham, Institute of Education, and London South Bank Universities, but has yet to gain any sort of qualification from the School of Life.

“For me, global education is all about making learning real – whether that’s using stories, film, statistics, projects, working together or anything else we want to do in class – it’s about a way of teaching and learning, not just about touching on specific issues in class.”


Catherine Richardson

Catherine Richardson, Programme Manager

Catherine joined Think Global as a Programme Manager in January 2016. Having previously worked as a teacher of Modern Foreign Languages through the Teach First programme, volunteering for a summer in Tanzania to deliver Limited Resource Teacher Training to local teachers, she then worked for a year with PEAS Uganda as an Education Specialist for the eastern region cluster of schools. Just prior to joining Think Global, Catherine worked as Programme and Training Manager with Team Up. She graduated from the University of Birmingham with a BA in International Studies with French.

“If we are aware of and have a balanced understanding of global issues – the positives, as well as the challenges, we’re all more empowered to take action. This is where global learning can have its biggest impact!”


Image of Faaria Ahmad

Faaria Ahmad, Programme Manager

Faaria joined Think Global as a Programme Manager in 2015. She was previously Head of Corporate Services at Faith Regen Foundation where she worked for five years. She is also the chair of the trustee board at MADE and was one of the founding members of the organisation. Faaria enjoys travelling and has spent time volunteering in Jordan supporting refugees.

“This world is so much smaller than we think. If we understand the impact that each of us can have on making this diverse, interconnected and incredible world better- it is a duty on us to share that knowledge and hope that the ripples will become waves to make this world kind, green and just.”

Jackie Wray

Jackie Wray, Director of Finance and Operations

Jackie joined Think Global in September 2016 as Director of Finance and Operations after 18 years at Blackfriars Settlement in a similar role. Her previous roles included a stint as a trainee in the Home Office, working as a tour guide in India, promoting Minority Rights Group publications and managing Afghanaid. She has an MSc in Charity Finance and is an ACCA-qualified accountant.

“The gift of a stamp album when I was 8 started my travelling bug. Travelling widely led to an awareness of the challenges facing people everywhere in realising their aspirations. I could also see that charities need expert financial management so that they can pursue their passion for improving lives. Accountability, transparency and good budgeting are essential to keep everything on track. I aim to bring these skills to Think Global”


Lisa Lee

Lisa Lee, Project Support Officer

Lisa is responsible for providing administrative support across diverse projects that increase understanding and action on global issues. Before joining Think Global in 2016, Lisa was a qualified TESOL trained teacher in Hong Kong and volunteered in leading youth activity and teaching early years in Singapore and China. Just prior to joining Think Global, Lisa was Supporter Relations Administrator for Mission Without Borders. She is currently completing her Education and International Development Masters at IOE UCL.

“As the world is becoming more polarised, it is now more crucial than ever to educate and inform ourselves and each other as to what collective action we can make to improve our world. We shouldn’t be paralysed by global issues, rather we should take action on a daily basis to help solve them, no matter how small the act.”