The increasingly interconnected world brings exciting new opportunities for learning, communication and action, and for developing a sense of global citizenship.

Over the last two decades global youth work has developed as an approach that enables youth practitioners and the young people they work with to discuss and understand global issues in the context of their youth setting. It should not be seen as an ‘add-on’ to other youth work, rather and integral part of interactions with young people. It aims to encourage a critical understanding of the links between personal, local and global issues. It seeks young people’s active participation in bringing about change towards greater equity and justice.

Think Global has published detailed history of global youth work. In 2006 Think Global launched Global Youth Action; a four year national programme supporting young people to explore global issues that mattered to them and take action for a just and sustainable world. Think Global commissioned an independent evaluation of this programme, subsequently Think Global utilised the learning from Global Youth Action and published Connect, Challenge, Change. A practical guide to global youth work. (2010)

In May 2009, Think Global published a research report carried out by Here and There Consultancy into the current state of the youth sector and global youth work

Think Global provided a briefing to DFID, comprising both background information and policy recommendations, to inform the development of their support for global youth work.