Evaluating global learning

Changes in knowledge, attitudes and behaviour are often at the heart of educational projects, but amongst the hardest kind of changes to assess. With a strong understanding of how to embed learning outcomes in organisational and project objectives and monitoring systems, Think Global can help you provide high quality information to funders and other stakeholders as well as helping you put the learning of users at the heart of how you demonstrate the difference you make.

Think Global is an experienced funder, managing over £10 million in funding to around 200 global learning projects and programmes across the country since 2000. We work closely with funders such as the Department for International Development, supporting them to develop performance frameworks for their educational work. We are specialists in evaluating what project participants learn from taking part, and co-authors of Evaluating Global Learning Outcomes: A guide to assessing intercultural, environmental and development education projects.

What can we offer?

We offer a range of services at project and organisational level. In all cases we look to highlight learning outcomes for users or participants within a broader assessment of outputs and outcomes, and work to embed effective monitoring and evaluation within your organisation:

  • Project planning: working with you as you set up your project to ensure you have clear project objectives, outcomes and indicators and to develop a monitoring system which will capture the learning outcomes for those taking part in your project.
  • Project evaluation: we can act as external project evaluators, collating existing monitoring data and and where necessary collecting new information, analysing findings and reporting.
  • Aligning your project outcomes with your organisational objectives.

Who have we worked with?

The Think Global team has worked with clients including:

To find out more about our evaluation services, please contact our Programmes Team on 020 3751 3000 or email info@think-global.org.uk.

“The Think Global staff were always available to discuss the evaluation of our project and delivered to time, responding to our feedback and comments. We would recommend their evaluation services to other organisations.”

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