Doc Academy and RNIB

Current partnerships

Think Global is currently working with two organisations to develop relevant, targeted resources for teachers that promote critical thinking and develop understanding of social and global issues.

Doc Academy

We are excited to work in partnership with Doc Academy to help achieve their mission to bring ‘the power of documentary film in to the classroom.’

Through bringing real-life stories to the classroom, Doc Academy helps teachers and students think about the world, about society, and their place in it. Think Global is supporting this work by developing relevant and engaging teaching resources to enhance the educational focus of the films.

Doc Academy is designed to develop critical thinking and media literacy in young people, based on the understanding that:

Students respond powerfully to real life stories and positive role models, learning through identification and others’ stories.

Documentary is particularly effective at engaging pupils across a wide spectrum of ability. It is a widely accessible stimulus that can truly challenge and unite a classroom of students.

Doc Academy is a project launched by Doc Society who are a non-profit founded in 2005 committed to enabling great documentary films and connecting them to audiences globally.

In partnership with Doc Academy we are currently developing a set of new teaching resources and activities to accompany the BBC’s Exodus documentary series. Exploring the issue of migration, these classroom resources will link to the secondary English assessment objectives. We will also be developing supporting documentation to help teachers explore controversial issues, such as migration, in their classroom. These resources are currently being produced and are due for publication later this year. The resources will be free for teachers to use and we will be promoting these through our Global Dimension Website.


Think Global continues to work in partnership with RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People), to update and develop resources for the ‘Dots Raise Lots’ campaign.

Our partnership with RNIB spans more than five years, during this time we have developed high quality education materials to enhance understanding of issues surrounding sight loss and to link to RNIB’s annual fundraising campaign. The education materials we have produced have spanned Early Years Foundation stage through to Key Stage Four and link directly to the curriculum at each stage and include links that relate specifically to each of the four nation specifications.

Education materials developed by Think Global can be found on the RNIB’s website