• East Africa Crisis: Bukayo Molu waiting inside a hand dugout well for the water level to slowly rise © David Mutua, CAFOD/Caritas Marsabit
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    21 Mar 2017
    More than 16 million people in East Africa are in urgent need of food, following a prolonged drought. Our Global Dimension website provides information and teaching resources to help you explore this issue in class.
  • Global Educator of the Year Award 2017 Banner
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    16 Mar 2017
    Nominations are now open for our Global Educator of the Year Award for 2017!
  • Help make the case for Global Learning - child's hand drawing globe
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    06 Mar 2017
    Together with the three other Development Education Networks in the UK, Think Global has written to Lord Bates, Minister of State for International Development, asking to meet to discuss the Global Learning Programme, and setting out the vital case for global learning.
  • Make a DoNation Pledge
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    02 Mar 2017
    Make a pledge to help make our world more just and sustainable through our DoNation campaign page. Pick a pledge or two such as ‘Fair Enough’, ‘Lights Out’ or ‘Well Oiled’ and commit yourself to it. Help us reach our target of 300 pledges!
  • Atif Choudhury, Veena Nabar and Taysir Arbasi
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    28 Feb 2017
    Think Global kicked off Fairtrade Fortnight 2017 with a great show of solidarity yesterday, bringing people together to learn about the experiences of Palestinian small farmers and Indian co-operative workers, and demonstrate their support for the social economy.

Who we are...

Think Global promotes global learning – and global action – for a more just and sustainable world. We believe that people need to be equipped with the skills, values and capabilities for global challenges like environmental sustainability, human development and conflict resolution.  Learning about global issues leads to more tolerance and understanding.  This in turn can lead to actions for a better world – which in turn we can reflect on and learn from.  

We’re a charity, and a community of people and organisations, committed to global learning and global action. Our 12,000-strong membership network includes educators, companies, charities, leading experts in the fields of education and development, people who work with young people – and many others who believe that we all have a responsibility as global citizens to learn about and act on global challenges.  Now more than ever our work is vitally needed.  

Our ten year strategy sets out three strategic goals to help us ‘Play our Part’ in creating a world which is just and sustainable: Playing Our Part – Ten Year Strategy 2016-26.

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