LRTT teacher training

In July 2017 Think Global started a new partnership with Limited Resource Teacher Training (LRTT), developing a new global learning course aimed at bringing global perspectives into UK classrooms.

LRTT is a social enterprise working towards creating a world where every child worldLRTT Fellowshipwide has access to a good education. They recruit teachers from the UK as Fellows to offer training and mentorship to teachers in countries with little or no access to formal training. LRTT Fellows work in up to 10 countries around the world, ranging from Nepal to Rwanda, running workshops, observing and coaching.

Think Global’s partnership with LRTT involves supporting LRTT Fellows to use their experiences to develop the global capabilities of their students back in the UK through a newly created two part course: ‘The world in your classroom and beyond’. The course aims to give LRTT teachers the confidence to begin to embed global learning across their whole school community.

“LRTT feels strongly about the power of global learning. In a world where people are increasingly looking inward, we wanted to equip our Fellows with the knowledge they need to understand the vital importance of a global education and be able to bring the lessons they learned back into their classrooms.”

Sarah Grant, Director, LRTT

On November 4, Think Global joined LRTT for their ‘Oscars’ event held at the Rio Cinema in Dalston, London. The event was a chance to celebrate the inspirational work done by LRTT Fellows around the world. Awards were presented to teachers for different categories of achievement and Rebecca awarded a prize to teacher Rae Cordon from the Flitch Academy for “commitment to the course and high quality contributions throughout”.

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