Developing the Social Economy

Think Global is one of 25 European partners collaborating on this project. We are implementing this project in the UK in partnership with the Co-operative College.

What is the project about?

This exciting European collaboration project is looking to find new and innovative ways to alleviate poverty. Launched in February 2015, it is in line with declared objectives of the European Year of Development.

What are the objectives of the project?

The core project objective is to provide an alternative approach to poverty alleviation through looking at social and solidarity economies as a strong contender. To do so, we are:

  • mapping and interviewing individuals, organisations and groups in the UK who are working within local communities or internationally to alleviate poverty through social and ethical initiatives which benefit the community
  • raising awareness about these initiatives and the ones we learn about across Europe and internationally through networks, including training events, and lobbying and advocacy work.
  • raising public awareness about poverty and social economy issues through large-scale public information campaigns and special events such as speaker tours.


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Further reading

The articles below feature alternative approaches to poverty alleviation through looking at social and solidarity economies:

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