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Think Global offers innovative online and in-person training opportunities to help develop an outstanding global learning school. As well as enabling access to resources through the Global Dimension Website, Think Global also develops high quality teaching materials.
As set out in our free Global Learning Guidelines, we believe that students, teachers and school leaders all have a part to play in developing a global learning school.


You can browse taster material from our short and easily accessible online training course, ‘developing a global learning school‘ (available under topic 2 below).

Hannah and Catherine run the modules for an hour on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons over six weeks. Both Hannah and Catherine are teachers  and trainers too.

This taster will look briefly at ‘International Development and Poverty‘ which is one topic of six module topics covered on this top-rated online CPD course.

The modules enable teachers to reflect upon global learning ideas and resources. The modules always give techniques and content to try back at school. Participants say that, as well as discovering new resources, they love collaboration and group discussion with their colleagues taking the course. Over the six weeks they build a good relationship and support each other with specific challenges.  Please try our taster course slides available under topic 2 below.

Amy West, Programme Manager at Think Global, delivering one of our e-modules.

The topics for the six modules include:

1. Introduction to global learning.
2. International development and poverty – exploring definitions with your students.

Download sample course slides for this module (Please note: this taster sample does not include teaching notes, weekly reading lists, bespoke resource recommendations or session recordings.)

3. Thinking critically about global learning resources in English, maths and science.
4. Thinking critically about global learning resources in history and geography.
5. Embedding global learning across the whole school.
6. How does global learning support the Ofsted framework?

Forthcoming course dates:

  • 27 April 2017 (Runs six consecutive Thursdays 16:15-17:15)
  • 06 June 2017 (Runs six consecutive Tuesdays 16:15-17:15)


Think Global also runs this the Global Dimension Website offering a wide range of resources as well as free membership to our network of 10,000 teachers. Our free Global Learning Guidelines consider how students, teachers and school leaders can all play part in developing a global learning school.

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Courses are available to all schools. To book a place or to find out more please email us via schools [at] think-global.org.uk

If you teach in a school that has registered for the Global Learning Programme (England) and that has completed its Whole School Audit you can use GLP-E e-credits to fund the £500 cost of the courses. To find out more about the GLP-E and how to register email us via schools [at] think-global.org.uk

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