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Think Global schools survey: ‘Prevent’ needs to include proactive approach

Think Global's survey of schools about 'Prevent' has shown that many lack confidence in 'proactive safeguarding' - creating a safe space within school for children to discuss difficult global issues connected to extremism and radicalisation. This is in contrast to much greater confidence with 'reactive safeguarding' - spotting the danger signs and taking action.

Putting the human back into stories about migrants

There’s a photo doing the rounds on Facebook and Twitter at the moment - it’s a screenshot of the BBC News website story about the disaster in the Mediterranean this week. The BBC’s headline was ‘Major’ emergency as boat capsizes’. Somebody has crossed this out and changed it to ‘Major’ emergency as many lives feared lost at sea’, and edited the article to replace the word ‘migrants’ with the word ‘people’.

Football Remembers: The 1914 Christmas Truce

Football. What comes to mind? Red cards. Bad decisions. Diving. Swooning over David Beckham (that's more me). Steven Gerrard's amazing free kick resulting in a goal off the inside of the top left corner of the goal post, that I thought would lead the charge of them scoring again, beating FC Basel and progressing in the Champions League 2014. What do we get? The Europa League! NOOOOOO... I could go on about how we-should've-won-and-we-could've-won but I won't bore you.