Festival of Education: is it worth all the hype?

As thousands descended on Wellington College in Crowthorne for the Sunday Times Festival of Education, our intern Kristin and I turned up eager to see what the fuss was about and more importantly to hear what was being presented to teachers and students at the event. As a future teacher, Kristin was especially excited to have the opportunity to attend the Festival. She couldn't wait to hear everything that all of the speakers would have to say and get a closer look at the education system in the UK.

Achieving universal primary education across the globe. Simple? Far from it.

I was due to take part in a TV debate last week about the likelihood that the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) on education will be missed. I'd thought about what I wanted to say, considered the likely perspective of the other debate participants, and jotted down the questions we might be asked. Then, at the last minute, it was cancelled! Well, such is life – but I thought I might as well put the thinking I'd done to good use by penning a blog post on the subject.