The Great Initiative

Read about Karim’s experience migrating to the UK and his current work at a Moroccan Women’s Centre helping to support and empower Arabic speaking women and families.

Putting the human back into stories about migrants

There’s a photo doing the rounds on Facebook and Twitter at the moment - it’s a screenshot of the BBC News website story about the disaster in the Mediterranean this week. The BBC’s headline was ‘Major’ emergency as boat capsizes’. Somebody has crossed this out and changed it to ‘Major’ emergency as many lives feared lost at sea’, and edited the article to replace the word ‘migrants’ with the word ‘people’.

How should we talk about immigration?

I've never known a time when immigration has dominated the headlines in Britain as much as it currently does. As somebody who has adopted London as my home city over the past quarter of a century, I have to admit to finding this situation bizarre, fascinating, and worrying in equal measure.