Putting the human back into stories about migrants

There’s a photo doing the rounds on Facebook and Twitter at the moment - it’s a screenshot of the BBC News website story about the disaster in the Mediterranean this week. The BBC’s headline was ‘Major’ emergency as boat capsizes’. Somebody has crossed this out and changed it to ‘Major’ emergency as many lives feared lost at sea’, and edited the article to replace the word ‘migrants’ with the word ‘people’.

Difret.  Go and see the film.

When you think about Ethiopia, what comes to mind? Well, unless you are very familiar with the country, most likely you will think about the famine in the early 1980s, the Michael Buerk news reports, and the start of Band Aid. If you know something about the country in more recent times, you’ll probably be aware of the rapid development that has taken place in parts of the country, particularly Addis Ababa.