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Playing our Part – Think Global publishes its ten year strategy 2016-26

Think Global has published its new ten year strategy, setting out three strategic goals to help us ‘Play our Part’ in creating a world which is just and sustainable.

The new strategy, which has been endorsed by Think Global’s Board of Trustees, sets out ambitions to at least double the resources which the charity has available to achieve its goals, and to triple the level of impact which it can demonstrate it is making, towards the three goals:

(i) Young people engage with global challenges and take action for a more just and sustainable world.

(ii) Young people leave school as global citizens, with good global understanding and the ability to act.

(iii) The wider public is better informed about development issues, and is motivated to take actions for greater justice and sustainability.

Think Global’s Chief Executive, Tom Franklin, commented,

This is a bold strategy aimed at making a big difference in people’s understanding of, and actions about, the big global issues we face.  If the European referendum has done nothing else, it has brought home to us all the nature of the globalised world we live in.  At Think Global, we believe we each have a responsibility, as global citizens, to understand how and why the world is manifestly unjust and unsustainable; and then to decide what action we can and should take, to improve the world for all its people.

Full strategy document: Playing our Part 2016-26

Summary strategy document: Playing our Part 2016-26

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