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New Treasurer, David Calver

Looking forward to the challenge of supporting Think Global

Hi. I hope I can deliver value to the Board of Trustees, who have just appointed me as Think Global’s new Treasurer, and (albeit less directly) to Think Global more widely.

What I have to offer is my perspective on global issues, my optimism, an enquiring mind and a set of financial skills. Wherever I go, I like to work with people who share my aspiration for a just and sustainable future for everyone. My ‘thing’ is finance. This is the lens through which I view most things most of the time.

Ever since randomly coming across Adam Smith’s “Wealth of Nations” during extra-curricular reading while at University, I’ve been hooked on the idea of finding the meaning behind the financial numbers, understanding what they mean to people and their daily lives, wherever they are in the world and in whatever circumstances they find themselves. I look forward to working with Think Global’s trustees, staff, network and partners.

Perhaps a thought-provoking way of further introducing myself might be to share with you a wordcloud generated from excerpts of text from my own blog at:

Here it is:

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David Calver

David Calver

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