Think Global: rising to the challenge

It’s been a really interesting first few months as CEO of Think Global.

We are collectively operating in a fast changing and challenging environment, where making the case for global learning and action is increasingly difficult, although never more needed. As a result of my engagement with, and learning from, our network I have now developed a short term Business Plan to respond to this and take the organisation through to 2018.

Over the next year, we will refocus our energies and resources, and invest in rising to the challenge. This means we will be prioritising:

  1. Engagement and partnerships
    With members, and many others interested in global learning and action 
  2. Insight, impact and communications
    Understanding more about what is needed, how we collectively respond and evidence making a difference, and communicate about our work 
  3. National global learning leadership
    Working with others to be a strong thought leader, co-ordinator, capacity builder and representative of the English global learning sector, advocating for global learning at a national level 
  4. Resources and training for others
    Working with others, to develop and deliver global learning resources and activities for educators and others 
  5. Business resilience
    Develop new partnerships and attract new income streams in order to become more efficient and effective in our practice

I look forward to working with you all on this.

Jess McQuail

Jess McQuail, Think Global CEO

2 Responses

  1. Rob Bowden

    The use of the word partnership in these is very encouraging after many years of the strategy seeming to go in the opposite direction. I also think the focus on evidencing what is happening as opposed to communicating what is apparently happening would be hugely beneficial for learning and for those that ally themselves with what you refer to as the ‘global learning sector’.
    I look forward to opportunities to perhaps re-engage as these priorities begin to be rolled out.

  2. Hi Jess
    Welcome and I very much welcome your plan, among others, to engage and foster partnerships.
    As a long standing member of Think Global, Reconnect , a not for profit refugee the organisation, I work for, would very much like to see changes in a way that you prioritise issues relating to global forced displacement and the active involvement of refugees in the UK in global learning

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