Migration front cover

New report: Migration – Thinking again, and Thinking critically

At the end of last year, Think Global brought together people with an interest in migration. Our challenge: how do we encourage people to think more critically about the issue?

Migration is a major public policy issue in the UK and is likely to stay that way, with rising ‘push’ and ‘pull’ factors. There’s serious discussion to be had about the effects of migration in helping or hindering the creation of a more just and sustainable world – but it gets lost in the frustratingly poor level of discourse about the subject. This pamphlet is a summary of the presentations from our four speakers about how we can engage people in more useful dialogue.

With contributions from:

  • Don Flynn, Migrant Rights Network
  • Emily Bowerman, Refugee Support Network
  • Saira Grant, Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants
  • Tom Franklin, Think Global

Download the report:  Migration – Thinking Again, and Thinking Critically

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