Local funding opportunities

Mid Sussex District Council Corporate Grants

Application deadline: 1 May 2018


Grants are available to community groups and other organisations for projects that help the Council meet its aims and benefit the residents of Mid Sussex District.

Value Notes

The following grants are available:

  • Community and Economic Development Grants of up to £5,000.
  • Facility Grants – no minimum or maximum level of grant is specified.
  • Spotlight Grants of up to £500 (September round only).
  • Partnership Agreements are available to invited partners only to enable voluntary sector organisations to deliver a service to their members / users.

Extended Description

Mid Sussex District Council Corporate Grants are provided and administered by Mid Sussex District Council. Grants are available for projects that support community activity and are in line with the Council Priorities.  All applications will need to demonstrate how their community activity can help the Council to deliver on at least one of its identified priorities:

  • Better Environment:
    • Quality and Sustainable Environment.
    • Distinctive and sustainable towns and villages.
  • Better Lives:
    • Healthy Lifestyles.
    • Opportunities and quality of life for all.
    • Strong, safe communities.
  • Better Services:
    • Efficient and effective services.
    • Strong community leadership.

Application Procedure

The application form is available to download from the Council’s website.

Contact Mid Sussex District Council for further information.


South Yorkshire Community Foundation – Youth Social Action Fund

Application deadline: 5 February 2018

Grants are available for community groups working in South Yorkshire for projects which engage young people in ongoing regular volunteering or demonstrate how another youth-led method will be as effective at engaging young people in social action.

Maximum Value: £5,000 Minimum Value: £1,000


Applicants must demonstrate that their project can meet the following quality principles of great youth social action:

  • Socially Impactful – having a clear intended benefit to a community, cause or social problem.
  • Challenging – stretching and ambitious as well as enjoyable and enabling.
  • Youth-led – owned and shaped by young people’s needs, ideas and decision-making.
  • Progressive – sustainable, and providing links to other activities and opportunities.
  • Embedded – accessible to all, and well-integrated to existing pathways to become a habit for life.
  • Reflective – recognising contributions as well as valuing critical reflection and learning.

Application forms and further information:

Grants Team
South Yorkshire Community Foundation
Unit 9 – 12 Jessops Riverside
800 Brightside Lane
S9 2RX
Telephone:0114 242 4294

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