SDG 4.7

Global Learning advocacy in action

Think Global Annual Event workshop led by Rebecca Sharkey

Rebecca Sharkey, Think Global’s Membership and Public Affairs Manager, gives an overview of the Advocacy workshop held at this year’s Think Global Annual Event.

25+ people, interested in promoting global learning to decision makers, gathered for this workshop. Lively discussion focused on questions such as: What are the ‘bigger picture’ aims we want to achieve for global learning in the UK? How do we influence decision makers to create positive change? What are some of the obstacles we need to overcome?

Participants had the opportunity to sharpen their skills and confidence in talking about the importance of their work in global learning and share ideas about working on joined-up advocacy efforts. We discussed how to go about raising the profile of global learning with decision makers in Ofsted and the Department for Education and Shadow DFID Secretary Kate Osamor, who Jess McQuail and I are meeting on 19 December. We also discussed the pros and cons of framing our work around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and SDG 4.7 in particular (about education for sustainable development and global citizenship). A longer report of the workshop is available here.

Next steps
I will be putting together an ‘advocacy toolkit’ to help people to promote global learning to their MPs, and establishing an Advocacy Stakeholder Group for anyone interested, to continue the discussion from the workshop – please get in touch if you’d like to be part of this. We are also hoping to set up a meeting for global learning representatives with the International Development Select Committee through its chair, Stephen Twigg MP. We will report back on our meeting with Kate Osamor MP.

By Rebecca Sharkey, Think Global’s Membership and Public Affairs Manager

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