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Last week we had the pleasure of travelling to the Croatian city of Zagreb to meet our European partners in our Start the Change project. Hosted by Forum for Freedom in Education we spent an intense couple of days with our Italian and Slovenian partners planning our work for this exciting two year project. The Start the Change project will work with young people in schools across the four European countries to develop an understanding of young people’s views on how to tackle extremism and to support them to take active steps to combat prejudice and violence in their own schools and communities.

Kate Jones has recently joined us as a Programme Manager and will be working with partners to develop and deliver Start the Change in UK schools.

I’m already enjoying the varied work, the partnerships and working with the wonderful team at Think Global. I’ve had links with the organisation for many years, from working at NGO members like Fairtrade Foundation, ActionAid and Comic Relief, to doing consultancy work and addressing the Think Global conference. It’s great to be at the heart of a network of global learning.

Our trip to Zagreb was a steep learning curve and provided a chance for Kate to immerse herself in the project. As we get down to the nuts and bolts of how this project will work there are two things that really excite me about this project and the European partnership we are developing.

Firstly, I am really excited to be part of a project that is really valuing and amplifying the voices of young people in the debate about extremism. Here at Think Global we have spend a lot of time over the past year talking to teachers, heads, government and other organisations about the issues of extremism and radicalisation. What has been missing from our discussions (and many of the conversations in this area) are the voices of young people. Through this project I really hope we can give time and credit to the views of young people and support them to find solutions to some very current global issues.

Secondly, I am really pleased to be working with European partners who have very different experiences and work in very different contexts around the issue of extremism. I believe that this difference will enable us to develop and share important themes and lessons to support young people, in a variety of situations, to build resilience and work together for peace.

If you or your school are interested in getting involved in this project please get in touch.

Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams, Head of Programmes

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