Global Wallplanner 2017-18

Global Wallplanner for 2017-18 school year

Think Global produces a colourful Global Wallplanner every school year for teachers to display in the staffroom or their classroom. Our wallplanner for the 2017-18 school year is currently being printed. Order your copy today!

The wallplanner features lots of global days, weeks and festivals to help schools plan ahead and bring a global perspective to lessons and assemblies. Further information and teaching resources relating to each of these days can be found on our global calendar.

The theme for this year’s wallplanner is ethical and sustainable consumption, with colourful images of seasonal fruit and vegetables as a way in to exploring this theme. Check out the back page too, for a guide to labels that can help you make ethical and sustainable choices when shopping.

The wallplanner is free, but we always appreciate a donation towards costs – you’ll be directed to our JustGiving page after placing your order.

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