Capturing SUSY in the UK

The SUSY project has given us an opportunity to find unique and interesting social and solidarity economy organisations in the UK which support and connect people in different ways. We decided to share the stories of two organisations creating waves of change in their sectors.

Zaytoun is a UK-based social enterprise supporting Palestinian farmers by creating a market in the UK for Palestinian products. Zaytoun’s founders and distributors spoke to us about their journey and the impact they have made. Watch the video here.

Cathedral Innovation Centre is a co-operative based in Portsmouth which supports local entrepreneurs. We spoke with their CEO and supporters to find out more about how they came about and what social and solidarity economy means to them. Watch the video here.

Our partners across Europe and the Global South have also shared the experiences of other organisations who are creating solutions to local problems. You can see their videos here.

This project has been funded by the EC and will be raising awareness about the social and solidarity economy across Europe.

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