UK Public Attitudes to Development Building New Responses: Toolkit

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UK Public Attitudes to Development Building New Responses: Toolkit

Between January and March 2015 individuals from the international development sector joined together to participate in the course ‘UK Public Attitudes to Development: Building New Responses’. The course was led by Think Global in collaboration with Bond, and included face to face training sessions, webinars and working groups. It was funded by the DEEEP4 project. DEEEP was initiated by the Development Awareness Raising and Education Forum (DARE Forum) of CONCORD and is co-funded
by the European Union.

There were 27 participants from the following organisations:
Islamic Relief, Kwa Africa, WaterAid, Tzedek, Tearfund, Send a Cow, Suas Educational Development,
Save the Children, Restless Development, Progressio, Oxfam, Commonwork, African Initiatives,
African Education Trust, Leonard Cheshire Disability.

Building New Responses ToolkitThroughout the course, participants had the opportunity to explore UK public attitudes to aid and
development and discuss and debate some of the current research on this topic. They also engaged
with development theories and used this as a tool to critique their own organisational activity.

The group successfully connected, shared and learned from each other and the practical outcomes of the course are summarised in this toolkit.