Our network

Think Global is at the hub of a broad community of people and organisations involved in global learning. We run a network of 10,000 teacher members, who are committed to teaching about global issues in schools. We also have around 150 organisations in membership, ranging from companies to international charities to education organisations.

Teachers and educationalists can sign up for free to be members of our Think Global schools network. As a member you will receive receive our newsletter specifically written to update you about global learning, including information about new features and resources on the Global Dimension Website. This is usually sent out twice a term.

Membership and advocacy consultation

As part of our strategy of stimulating conversation and practical suggestions around how we can effectively work together as a network, we are inviting responses to an online membership survey. We encourage all those working in the global learning sector to complete the survey on behalf of your organisation by 15 September. Find out more


DECs and Local support

Support is provided through DECs which form a network of independent centres working directly with schools, youth projects and the local community. A number of Think Global’s other member organisations also work locally on global learning see local support to find a member near you.

National NGOs

A wide range of national NGOs working in the education, international development, environmental and other fields are Think Global members and provide varying levels of support, resources, speakers and ideas for educators.

Other networks

We are part of range of other networks for those working in higher education and other educational areas.

Sister organisations

We also have sister organisations in Scotland, Wales and Ireland.


We are also part of a wider cross-European global learning network. We link to global learning charities in other countries across the world, including Japan and Australia.