Past projects

Think Global has been involved in a wide range of global learning and development education projects over many years. Most recently these include:

The World’s Largest Lesson – developing a bank of teaching resources to help teachers all around the world to deliver a lesson about the Sustainable Development Goals

Engaging the UK public in international development – We worked extensively with BOND to deliver a programme of training to staff working in international NGOs.

Developing a Maths and Geography global learning toolkit – With the generous support of the Nuffield Foundation, we collaborated with Oxfam on the creation of a toolkit to support Maths and Geography teachers in secondary schools.

Further past projects include:

Mini Grants

The Mini Grants Scheme was part of DFID’s Development Awareness Fund, a competitive fund designed to support not-for-profit organisations across the UK carry out projects which raise public awareness and understanding of global poverty and how it can be reduced.
Mini Grants projects were required to promote public understanding of development issues, with a focus on one or more of the following objectives:

  • Building knowledge and understanding of the major challenges and prospects for development, in particular the challenge of reducing poverty.
  • Building understanding of our global interdependence, and that failure to reduce global poverty levels will have serious consequences for all of us.
  • Generating understanding of and support for international efforts to reduce poverty and promote development including the Millennium Development Goals. Promoting recognition of the progress made so far, and that further progress is affordable, achievable, and most of all vital.
  • Building understanding of the role that individuals can play; enabling them to make informed choices with the knowledge of how their actions impact on the world around them.

Over 13 rounds of funding, Think Global have administered 192 Mini Grants projects.

European Commission Capacity Building project

Think Global administered the European Commission Capacity Building project (ECCB), a three year project from 2006-2009. The project had nine partners based in England and three project associates based in Hungary, Malta and East & South Africa.

The project worked with over 2,500 people in England – including black and ethnic minorities, refugees and asylum seekers, and socially excluded and geographically isolated groups – and reached out to over 10,000 wider beneficiaries across the UK, Africa and European Network.

Its aim was to broaden and deepen the engagement of European Communities in development issues, particularly of those who have experienced the barriers to participation, to ensure a long term impact on support for poverty and more equitable North-South relations.

To read more about the project download Building Capacity

Global Youth Action

In 2006 Think Global launched Global Youth Action. This national programme supported young people to explore global issues that mattered to them and take action for a just and sustainable world.

Think Global commissioned an independent evaluation of this programme, subsequently utilising the learning from Global Youth Action and published “Connect, Challenge, Change. A practical guide to global youth work. (2010).”

Read more and download Connect, Challenge, Change.

DFID Core Grant

Pan European development education programme

EC project 2002