Think Global closes its doors, but the work continues

Over the last 35 years, Think Global has co-ordinated and supported a diverse network of individuals and organisations working to promote global learning in England. The mission of the charity has been to promote global learning (or development education) to assist, encourage and inspire people to think critically about global issues and act for a more just and sustainable world.

As a direct result of Think Global’s advocacy, the concept of global learning has moved from the margins to the mainstream, and now forms part of every young person’s formal education.

James Luger, Chair of Think Global –

We are acutely aware that at the very moment we close our doors, the need for global learning has never been greater. The challenges of the 21st Century – be they technological, political, economic or environmental – will all require more, not less, of the key tenets of global learning: Viewing learning as a process; critical-analytical thinking; openness to others’ perspectives and a deep understanding of the interdependence of society.

However, Think Global didn’t act alone – we were an effective force for global learning because our members, networks, friends and supporters amplified our message, and this community will continue to promote the vital importance of helping people understand and act on global issues, and help create a world that is just and sustainable for all”

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