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Supporting sustainable schools

Think Global is delighted to be supporting National Sustainable Schools Conference through our EU-funded Supply Cha!nge project.

The SEEd National Sustainable Schools conference,is organised by SEEd and the Sustainable Schools Alliance and is a unique opportunity for teachers and students to participate in ‘learning for sustainability’.

Supply Cha!nge SDG 12

Collaborating with 28 partners across Europe, we’re helping to achieve SDG 12 by raising awareness and encouraging action around responsible consumption and production. There is a particular focus on supermarkets – looking at what supermarkets are doing and could do to ensure fair working conditions along their supply chains, and how to  achieve sustainable production that protects, rather than damages our environment.Find out more about the Supply Cha!nge project  

Cat Richardson manages Supply Ch!nge for Think Global and says

“This is a great opportunity for young people to ask questions, and think critically about the action they can take as consumers, and in their future careers”


We’re very excited that Co-op Food, as well as Fairtrade Foundation and the Marine Stewardship Council will be at the conference on Monday 13 November to discuss the work they are doing to achieve ethical and sustainable supply chains.

Find out more about the conference and register

Read Catherine’s blog about Supply Cha!nge and the conference

Listen to the webinar with Professor Christopher Tankou from the University of Dschang, Cameroon, about the social and environmental impacts of the global demand for chocolate.


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