Participants at SupplyCha!nge training workshop

Supply Cha!nge – Make Supermarkets Fair – Workshop Thursday 28th May 9.30-1.00pm

Have you ever wondered exactly why your supermarket own-brand pasta sauce is always cheaper than the identical one from Dolmio? Or supermarket-brand kitchen towels cost a fraction of the ones from Kleenex? Most of us are aware that many supermarkets produce their own, cheaper versions of popular products; but did you know that about 40% of supermarket retail sales across Europe are made up of supermarkets’ own-brand products? That’s a lot of product, and a lot of money that goes with it. Most of these products emerge at the end of long global supply chains – but what do we really know about the people and places that make up that chain? Not very much, sometimes – and often a lot less than for big brand products.

So, s that a problem?
Why or why not?
Do we need to do something about it?
If so, what can we do?

These are some of the questions that we will be exploring during the workshop. We will look at some of the latest research from across Europe about the growth and influence of major supermarkets’ own-brand procurement and production processes; we’ll explore some of the issues associated with complex global supply chains; and we’ll think critically about the plusses and minuses of this system, and what we can do to influence it.

Participants will come away with tools and ideas to take the learning about own-brand supply chains back into their own organisation.

The Workshop will be led by Think Global, with support from other charities – and is part of a European-wide project called Supply Cha!nge: Make Supermarkets Fair. Tea, coffee and light refreshments will be offered on arrival, and during the morning break.

The Workshop is supported by the European Commission and is free to attend. However, places are limited, so apply quickly here

For further information please contact our Head of Programme, Monika Kruesmann (, or 020 3751 3003).


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