Supply Chainge Press Release: Orange Juice

Human Rights violations and environmental damage in orange juice production
Study by SUPPLY CHAINGE Campaign uncovers deliberate infringements along European orange juice supply chains.

EMBARGOED – until Friday, October 09th 2015

Berlin, 08.10.2015. In 2013 the average European consumer drank 11 litres of orange juice per year, 80% of which is imported from Brazil. The study published today by Think Global, Christliche Initiative Romero e.V. (CIR, Germany) and GLOBAL 2000 (Austria) investigates the entire orange juice supply chain, extending from plantations in Brazil to European supermarkets. Team members travelled to Brazil and observed precarious working conditions as well as the devastating ecological impact of global orange juice production.

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The picture at the top of the page is Orange Is In… by Christine on and used a creative commons licence.

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