Cultivating a Global Outlook for the Global Economy

Cultivating a Global Outlook for the Global Economy

If school leavers are to contribute to a rapidly evolving global economy, then they need to learn about it. Yet our education system at present only does so adequately at the fringes. The evidence in this report shows that learning about global issues at school gives young people the skills to help them access good careers.

Evaluating global learning outcomes

Think Global and Charities Evaluation Services have created a new guide offering ideas and inspiration for monitoring and evaluating the outcomes of work to promote global, intercultural and environmental understanding.

Building trainee teachers’ confidence in cultural diversity and global citizenship

This module for third year BA Primary Education students - set up by Brighton University and Brighton Peace and Environment Centre (BPEC) - was designed to develop understanding of international education and global citizenship and their contribution to the primary school curriculum. It provides student teachers with practical ways to introduce knowledge, skills and attitudes related to global issues into the classroom.

Teachers Are Doing It For Themselves

Case study: What happens when teachers work together to reflect on the educational needs of learners growing up in an increasingly globalised society? Tide~ Global Learning is a West Midlands based network of teachers and other educators which has been working for over 30 years.

DEA response to CSF Committee National Curriculum Inquiry

DEA sent a response to the Children, Schools and Families Committee call for written evidence into: 'the principle of whether there should be a National Curriculum; how the fitness-for-purpose of the National Curriculum might be improved; the management of the National Curriculum and its articulation with other policies and strategies with which schools must work'.