Teachers’ attitudes towards worldwide economic inequality

Building Capacity

This publication showcases examples of capacity building methodologies used across England by nine project partners in a three year EU-funded project

Exlusive or inclusive? Increasing participation in Education for Sustainability

This report by Tanya Blackburn and Rosemin Najmudin takes into account relevant research findings from across a wide range of sectors, in order to provide a basic guide to organisations in the UK wishing to make an increased commitment to inclusion of diverse groups such as the black and minority ethnic groups (BMEs). Although its focus is Education for Sustainability (EfS) many of the recommendations apply equally to development education.

Dynamic relations with the Global South

The Centre for Global Education's first annual development education conference took place in Dublin on the 22nd Febuary. The theme 'Dynamic Relations with the Global South' aimed to examine how development education practitioners in Ireland can work more effectively with communities from the Global South in Ireland and organisations in Global South countires. Reproduced below is an edited version of the keynote speech by Dier Tong, Coordinator of the Africa Centre, in which he describes his 'ideal' partnership organisation.

How to write about Africa

This warning from Biinyavanga Wainaina should remind us how to review the way the publications we write or use in development education portray Africa.

Sharing Communities

Louise Middleton details the evolution of a UK project designed to facilitate links between minority ethnic community groups and local schools. Rubi Begum, Shelina Ali, Hasnara Ahmed, Shajeda Wahed, Daxa Mehta and Mumtaz Razvi describe their experiences of working with the schools and eachother.