Graduates As Global Citizens

Graduates As Global Citizens

Graduates as Global Citizens was a groundbreaking conference at which 63 higher education institutions and DEA member organisations were represented. It was hosted by the DEA in partnership with key stakeholders in the sector: the Standing Conference of vice Principals (SCOP), the Higher Education Academy (HE Academy), Department for International Development (DFID), Universities UK and the Times Higher Education Supplement.

The conference provided a forum for policymakers and practitioners engaged in higher education (HE) to critically examine the role and mission of universities in the context of current sustainable development initiatives such as the government agendas for sustainable development and the strategy for international education. With input from keynote speakers, workshop facilitators and the plenary panel, delegates engaged with the conference aims outlined as follows:

  • To explore the concept of ‘graduates as global citizens’
  • To consider the ethical role of higher education in a global society
  • To deepen the understanding of the social aspects of sustainable development in higher education
  • To discuss strategic approaches to the enhancement of teaching and learning in higher education for a global society
  • To contribute to the debate about making connections between the local and the global.

This report contains transcripts of presentations, notes, stories and reflections of the day. It also includes the list of participants. It is hoped that this report will make the outcomes of the day accessible to a wider audience and encourage further debate and discussions about the role of HE in the 21st century in building human capacity and supporting sustainable development for current and future generations.

The conference is part of the aims of the DEA to work in partnership with key policy makers and practitioners to extend opportunities for exchanging views, disseminate examples of best practice and establish collaborative projects to enrich and promote learning for global citizenship.