Global Youth Work

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Global Youth Work

The impact of globalisation and international activities on young people’s lives can be direct or indirect but it is difficult to deny this exists. We all live in a society connected to the rest of the world on a daily basis, by food, work, music, sport, clothes, travel, TV, film and the internet.

This publication is based on the work of DEA members and others within voluntary and local authority youth services who seek to explore these issues and look beyond the local to the global influences on young people’s lives in the UK today.

Written by PJ White, five case studies offer an outline of each project and the reflections of the workers and young people involved as a flavour of global youth work in practice.

As Peter says, “The projects described here show crucial aspects of what global youth work is all about – what can be achieved, what the limits are, what the pitfalls might be and how they might be overcome. The main aim is to capture the spirit and character of the work … these case studies are little windows on practice, glimpses into what it is like, what can and has been done.”