Cultivating a Global Outlook for the Global Economy

Image of 'Cultivating a Global Outlook for the Global Economy' report

Cultivating a Global Outlook for the Global Economy

By International Baccalaureate & Think Global with support from AQA, Pearson/Edexcel & the University of Cambridge International Examinations.

If school leavers are to contribute to a rapidly evolving global economy, then they need to learn about it. Yet our education system at present only does so adequately at the fringes.

Some privileged young people can access prestigious qualifications that recognise the vital role of learning about globalisation and the wider world but most young people miss out, with ominous consequences for their life-chances as well as for the UK economy.

The evidence in this report shows that learning about global issues at school gives young people the skills to help them access good careers. However, the benefits of global learning are not limited to getting a job. This report highlights that global learning is an important driver of high attainment. This report summarises the evidence and proposes that exam specifications give focus to the learning that young people and our economy need.