Building Local Capacity to Broaden Engagement (3)

Building Local Capacity to Broaden Engagement (3)

Report of 3rd DEA Practice Sharing Event

A peer learning Practice Sharing Day was held on 25 September 2008 as part of the European Commission Capacity Building Project “Building Local Capacity to Broaden Engagement in Global Issues” – a three year project funded by the European Commission. Within the terms of the project there will be six peer learning events over three years to address the topics of engaging hard to reach groups, extending learning to wider beneficiaries, and building the capacity of NGOS to implement this work. These will be specifically addressed by looking at:

  • Introducing global issues with specific target groups
  • Facilitating participatory methodologies
  • Ensuring a range of perspectives is promoted.

This is a report on the third of these events. It was held during the second year of the project and attendance was open to people representing organisations involved in the ECCB project, and project associates from overseas.