Turbulent Times: Skills for a Global World

Turbulent Times: Skills for a Global World

Think Global and OCR surveyed 500 business leaders from across the country and across sectors to build an up-to-date picture of whether or to what extent our young people are prepared to thrive both today and in the future.

The Global Skills Gap: Preparing young people for the new global economy

Business leaders see broadening young people's horizons and teaching them about our globalised world as vital if the UK is to compete in the global economy, according to a report by the British Council and Think Global. This report summarises research by with 500 UK chief executives and board level directors in companies with at least 10 employees.

Cultivating a Global Outlook for the Global Economy

If school leavers are to contribute to a rapidly evolving global economy, then they need to learn about it. Yet our education system at present only does so adequately at the fringes. The evidence in this report shows that learning about global issues at school gives young people the skills to help them access good careers.

Global Learning Evidence Briefing May 2011

In this briefing Think Global summarises available evidence for the impact of global learning and on the unmet demand for learning about the wider world in school. The briefing references recent research including from the Geographical Association, Ofsted and the CBI amongst others.

What parents want: a briefing for policymakers

This briefing from Think Global highlights findings from a YouGov survey of parents' attitudes towards their children's education. For policymakers this research indicates a strong demand from parents to ensure topics such as sustainable development, international development and learning about different cultures and communities are part of the taught curriculum.