Evaluating global learning outcomes

Evaluating global learning outcomes

Think Global and Charities Evaluation Services have created a new guide offering ideas and inspiration for monitoring and evaluating the outcomes of work to promote global, intercultural and environmental understanding.

Building Capacity

This publication showcases examples of capacity building methodologies used across England by nine project partners in a three year EU-funded project

Global in the Local

This publication will be useful to Members of Parliament, policy advisers and all those engaged in making connections between international development issues and local activities and actions in their constituencies.

Geography: The Global Dimension

Published by DEA in association with the Geographical Association, this booklet is the outcome of a wide-ranging consultation process with teachers, local authority advisors, development education organisations and QCA.

Science: The Global Dimension

Published by DEA in partnership with the Association for Science Education, this booklet has been written to enable teachers and advisors to consider the value of addressing the global dimension in science education.