Global Learning Guidelines

Unlocking the educational potential of fundraising activities

Involvement in fundraising activities can be motivating and fun for young people as well as supporting charities in their work. Such experiences also have huge educational potential, offering opportunities to develop young people's understanding and skills as active, responsible citizens. This document explores good practice in fundraising with young people.

Exploring together: a global dimension to the secondary curriculum

This pack consists of a set of leaflets which explore the global dimension to each secondary National Curriculum subject. It provides starting points for exploring what the global dimension means for particular subjects and can also be used for cross-curriculum planning. A PDF of the whole pack can be downloaded here; to download subject leaflets individually, go to our Global Dimension Website.

DEA Photolibraries briefing

After several years of hunting around for pictures, we have produced this briefing for DEA members on useful sources of development and education images.

Sustainable Development and Youth Work

This briefing paper, produced jointly by the Development Education Association and the Council for Environmental Education, aims to explain how and why the concept of sustainable development can be integrated into current youth work thinking and practice.

Guidelines on Producing Resources for Global Youth Work

These guidelines are aimed at those working with young people who are interested in planning, developing and publishing resources for global youth work, for example, youth workers and managers in the statutory sector, staff and youth officers in the voluntary youth sector and non-governmental organisations and development education organisations.