Monocultural palm oil cultivation in Indonesia

The palm oil in our Christmas cookies

How to take informed action

For many in the UK, Christmas is a time of family, friendship … and food. No matter how much we attempt to focus on the true essence of Christmas, there is often a distinct consumerism that undoubtedly runs beneath the festivities. So how can we ensure that we consume responsibly? And how can we ensure that the food we eat at Christmas is ethical and sustainable?

Palm Oil - environmental destruction, stolen land - download research report

Palm Oil – environmental destruction, stolen land – download research report

New research published from Think Global’s partners in the SupplyCha!nge consortium highlights the clear environmental and human rights abuses that occur in the Palm Oil supply chain – a key ingredient of many of our Christmas treats.

Ensuring that we consume ethically is a key way that we can act to make our world more just and sustainable. As consumers, tackling the ethics of global corporate supply chains can feel like a daunting challenge, but Think Global suggests some worthwhile and manageable actions that we can take to ensure that we consume ethically and sustainably.

  1. Inform yourself about the supply chains of not only products, but the key ingredients in your products. Ensure that you know where your ingredients are coming from and the potential risks in these supply chains. For example you could read the Palm Oil report by downloading it from this page.
  2. Make informed choices based on your knowledge. Once we are better informed, we can make better informed decisions about what we buy and what we eat. You could pledge to ‘Steer clear of unsustainable palm oil’ at Think Global’s action campaign, or pick another action that you feel you can commit to.
  3. Use your consumer power to advocate for policy makers to establish binding legislation against corporate abuses in the supply chain, to ensure that workers and the environment are protected. Sign our petition here.

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