Conference delegates making pledges at NSCC

Making a Supply Cha!nge at the NSSC

Catherine Richardson, Programme Manager at Think Global on our involvement in the National Sustainable Schools Conference (NSSC), which was attended by around 80 teachers and students.

It was a pleasure to support this year’s National Sustainable Schools Conference on 13 November through our EU-funded Supply Cha!nge project.

With its emphasis on learning for sustainability, the conference was a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness and encourage action around responsible consumption and production, the focus of Sustainable Development Goal 12 and a central objective of Supply Cha!nge. Following an inspiring introduction with keynote speeches from James Murray, Editor-in-Chief of Business Green and Georgina Stevens, author of Be the Change Books about their careers in sustainability, conference delegates had an impressive selection of 12 sustainability-themed workshops to choose from, along with a lunchtime Share Fair and a Youth Forum.

Collaborating with 28 partners across Europe and further afield, Supply Cha!nge is helping to achieve SDG 12 with a particular focus on supermarkets – the products we buy, and where they come from. The project is investigating what supermarkets are doing to ensure fair working conditions along their supply chains, and how they can achieve sustainable production that protects, rather than damages our environment?

To start answering these questions, we were pleased to facilitate three workshops at the conference, engaging speakers from Fairtrade Foundation, the Marine Stewardship Council and Co-op Food to discuss their work towards ethical and sustainable supply chains. The workshops sparked lively conversations about the social, economic and environmental aspects of sustainability and certification, and prompted participants to think critically about action they can take  both as consumers and in their careers.

To find out more about Supply Cha!nge, take a look at our project webpage. Make your own pledge for sustainability through our DoNation campaign, and use our education resources to help your students explore the complexity of global supply chains. If you’re involved in the World’s Largest Lesson with its focus this year on food choices, check out our resource around ethical and sustainable consumption, along with our exciting new Activity Kit on Supermarket waste and plastics. We look forward to seeing you at next year’s conference!

By Catherine Richardson, Programme Manager, Think Global

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