Practical Action

Practical Action

Education Unit, The Schumacher Centre for Technology and Development, Bourton on Dunsmore, RugbyCV23 9QZ

More and more teachers are discovering the innovative STEM resources produced by Practical Action. These FREE resources cover issues such as sustainability, climate change and renewable energy, all set within a global context. Resources range from lesson plans, homework activities, videos, images and a number of hands-on STEM challenges.

I have just carried out the wind power challenge with my class…really good links to SEAL, a great activity that makes a challenging and skills based lesson.” Teacher on TES connect.

The newest STEM challenge is the very popular Squashed Tomato Challenge. Students are asked to solve a problem faced by farmers in Nepal: how do you move tomatoes down a moutainside without squashing them? To help deliver the challenge support materials includes teacher’s notes, students’ notes and worksheets, a video of the solution used in Nepal, images for display and even certificates you can give to the students when they have finished the challenge. All you need to provide is basic equipment and the tomatoes!

FREE posters include a set of renewable energy posters and our latest A1 size ‘100 Small things to make a difference’ a large FREE sustainability poster based around the 6R’s (reduce, recycle, reuse, repair, rethink, refuse); it gives students 90 ideas and has space for them to add 10 ideas of their own.

We also have a website dedicated to teaching climate change at KS2: In addition to introducing the causes and effects of climate change, the site looks at how food choices have an impact. Resources, include video clips, interactive PowerPoint presentations, games, case studies and activities.

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