Irish Development Education Association

Irish Development Education Association

5 Merrion Row, Dublin 4, Ireland

IDEA’s main goal is to advance and support a professional, cohesive and creative development education sector in Ireland. We will pursue this mission through strengthening the professional development of the development education sector. Through its work, IDEA seeks to advance public understanding of the role education plays in creating a more just and equal world.

The Irish Development Education Association (IDEA) is a national platform for organisations and individuals engaged in the provision, promotion and advancement of development education throughout the island of Ireland. For IDEA, development education is an educational response and process aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of the shared development of our world. By engaging people critically in and with our increasingly interdependent world, development education aims to challenge global inequalities, and works towards creating a more just and sustainable future for our planet.

Our members come from different regions of the island of Ireland, they work in different sectors of society and have different views and opinions on how to engage the Irish public in development education. What they all share is the vision that their work will contribute to transforming the social, cultural, economic and political structures of the world and the fabric of our society in order to create a more just and equal future for all. IDEA’s aim is to support this diversity.

IDEA’s work includes:

Advancing and promoting good practice in development education.
Provision of professional development and training for educators.
Coordination of and support for development education on the island of Ireland.
Developing policy positions and undertaking advocacy to further support our members.
Providing links with development educators at international level.
Organisation of events throughout the island of Ireland.


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