Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council

Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council

7 Lion Yard, Tremadoc Road, LondonSW4 7NQ

Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council (CYEC) is a youth development charity working to enable young people to become active global citizens through developing netwotks and friendships, exchanging ideas and working together.

CYEC’s main objectives are the development of young people and the promotion of Commonwealth and international understanding. CYEC works to further these objectives through:

  • Benefiting young people by supporting the development of locally managed high quality exchange programmes that promote skills for global citizenship and intercultural understanding.
  • Supporting youth-led development activities and networks that promote interchange and young people’s voice in the Commonwealth.
  • Raising awareness of the Commonwealth, especially among young people.

Demographics dictate that young people are recognised as key stakeholders in the future of the Commonwealth and, of course, are crucial partners in development. All CYEc’s programmes are informed by the key principle of youth participation. Activities are designed ‘by and with’ young adults as opposed to ‘for’ young people.

CYEC has two main programme areas – two way group exchanges linking UK young people in local communities with their peers across the development of PAN Commonwealth initiatives supporting young adults as active citizens contributing to development in their communities and across the Commonwealth network.

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