Joint submission to the House of Lords Select Committee on Citizenship and Civic Engagement

You are invited contribute to our network submission in response to the House of Lords Select Committee on Citizenship and Civic Engagement call for evidence. Questions 5 and 12 are of particular interest to global educators:

What should be the role of education in teaching and encouraging good citizenship? At what stages, from primary school through to university, should it be (a) available, and (b) compulsory? Should there be any exemptions? Should there be more emphasis on political participation, both inside and outside classes? How effective is current teaching? Do the curriculum and the qualifications that are currently offered need amending?

Can you give examples of initiatives and role models that have helped promote a positive vision of British Citizenship within a tolerant and cohesive society?

Take a look at the call for evidence and send your brief responses to Rebecca Sharkey, Membership and Public Affairs Manager by midday on Monday 4 September to be included in Think Global’s joint submission.

This is a great opportunity to highlight the importance of global learning, and to show decision makers that there is a lot of public interest in this issue. Opinions should be supported by factual evidence where appropriate.

You can submit your own response directly to the Select Committee by 8 September.

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  1. David Whitney

    Citizenship is absolutely essential to a modern, ever-changing and complicated world. Do not ask us teachers, it is what we are passionate about and therefore we are going to say how important it is. I really hope you find many students who were taught Citizenship as a discrete subject (not students who will tell you about PSHE) but students who understand the political literacy, the law and their position as a global citizen. All the students I have taught Citizenship at GCSE and A level (Haverstock School, Camden) will clearly tell you why they believe this is such an important subject, many will articulate that they believe this is the subject that helps them the most in terms of understanding our so very complex world.

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