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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) education was highlighted as a priority in the Ofsted 2015 framework and is at the heart of what Think Global promotes for global learning within school education.

Our one day SMSC training course is taking place in London on Friday 24 November and will enable teachers to use a range of global learning resources to support the development of SMSC at both classroom and whole school level.

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Course details: SMSC for School Improvement: Developing schools through Global Learning

  • 10am-4pm on Friday 24 November
  • Aimed at KS2 and KS3
  • Held at Think Global office in Southwark.
  • Free with 170 GLP e-credits or £185
  • Light lunch and refreshments will be provided.

“I have taken lots away from today. I’ll definitely be looking at the resources on the websites to embed into our curriculum.”

SMSC training participant.

How will you and your school benefit from the course?

  • Understanding of SMSC and global learning, and the ways in which these areas of education can be mutually supportive
  • Understanding of how to raise the standards of teaching and learning in SMSC using global learning
  • Understanding of national OFSTED expectations of SMSC
  • Understanding of key resources to access to support global learning and SMSC development in your school
  • Ability to evidence the impact of SMSC and global learning.

OFSTED reports on the GLP found that ‘GLP schools are finding that global learning is helping to develop critical thinking skills, promote SMSC, and foster values such as respect and empathy.’

Your school may be eligible for more e-credits which you can use for this course provided your school has not participated in the course before. Please contact for more info.

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