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Help make the case for Global Learning

Consultation on Aid and International Development

The International Development Committee is holding an inquiry into the future of UK-EU development cooperation. It focuses specifically on what relationships regarding aid and international development should look like post Brexit. The Parliament UK website has full details. In particular they are seeking evidence on:

  • options for UK collaboration with respect to aid, trade and climate policy
  • whether the UK should continue to contribute to development through the EU; how this could operate and be scrutinised
  • how the UK might manage future collaboration with the EU
  • coherence of UK and EU policy frameworks for international development in the future
  • whether the UK will have residual obligations after leaving the EU
  • whether there is likely to be a reduction in EU development funding for Commonwealth countries.

Think Global will be submitting a written response and we’d love to include comments and contributions from our network. If you have any comments that you would like to feed in to our response, please send them through to by 9am on Wednesday 10 May, so that we can submit a collective response by the 15 May deadline.

General Election

The forthcoming general election on 8 June is likely to focus on Brexit and the UK’s role in the wider world. Think Global is planning to write to all the main parties to reiterate the importance of global learning and ask them to reaffirm their commitment to it during their campaign and if elected. We will be doing this in cooperation with the global learning networks in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. If you would like to contribute specific points please email these to by 5pm on Wednesday 3 May.

It’s also useful to remember that the Lobbying Act (January 2014) set out new rules for how charities and other civil society organisations can campaign in the lead up to national elections. You can read more about how this may apply to your own organisation on the BOND website:


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