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A global social learning network

Ameet Mehta, CEO of Inspiral Education introduces a new social learning network. They are looking for enthusiastic educators to become founding members of the Inspiral learning community.

We are living in a complex and rapidly changing world, and it is crucial that our young people develop the global skills and knowledge they’ll need to face the challenges and opportunities of the future. Yet we know that, even for the most committed global educator, delivering meaningful, relevant global education programmes in the classroom can be difficult.

Inspiral supports you to meet your ambitions by combining the best in global education content, a progressive pedagogy, with easy to use educational technology that opens up your classroom and directly connects your students to a global social learning network.

The experience

We have developed our innovative approach to global education and social learning after two years of extensive research, experimentation and learning, including several pilot programmes involving hundreds of students and teachers across 13 countries.

Our thought-provoking programmes support students to make sense of their world by offering them the opportunity to:

  • explore contemporary global issues in depth
  • exchange their views and share their learnings directly with students from other parts of the world in a fun and engaging manner
  • develop crucial 21st century skills such as critical thinking, communication and collaboration

The experience is structured as a seven week blended-learning programme revolving around engaging in-class activities and the exchange of ideas, insights and feedback within international student teams online. Teachers are supported with comprehensive lesson plans and training to deliver this programme through 2-3 sessions per week.

Why you

Our mission is to create an open and engaging social network, that provides a strong foundation for global learning, and in order to achieve this we want to involve our users in the product development journey. We are gathering engaged global educators who share our ambition to create meaningful connections between students around the world, so we can learn and grow this unique global learning community together.

Participating in the Inspiral social learning experience provides excellent opportunities to:

  • directly apply your knowledge, understanding and skills in global education
  • develop international mindedness, social skills and global competencies in your students
  • provide teaching staff with additional CPD on global education and critical thinking
  • raise the profile of global education in your school
Our invitation

With our partners, the Development Education Research Centre at UCL’s Institute of Education, Think Global and the EDUCATE Research Programme at UCL, we are calling for nominations and self nominations from enthusiastic educators who want to help us shape the learning experience and become founding members of the Inspiral learning community.

You can participate in one or more of the following courses:

  • Freedom of Expression programme starting end of Jan 2018 (developed with the Development Education Research Centre at UCL)
  • Human Migration programme starting later in 2018 (developed with The Migration Observatory at Oxford University)
  • Additional courses are being developed based on teacher and student feedback
Join us

To make nominations, or for further information, please send us an email to  The first deadline for nominations is the 22 December 2017 and you can find us at

The programme has been generously sponsored by the Development Education Research Centre.

Blog by Ameet Mehta, CEO of Inspiral Education

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  1. Javed Ahmed

    An exciting project. Both my children, in London were part of the original pilot. Can’t believe we need this in the 21st century but sadly we do!

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